Mandrare River Camp

Mandrare River Camp

Mandrare River Camp

As the sun rises over the mountains, distant singing of the local tribe as they fetch water from the river welcomes you to another day at Mandrare River Camp.

Mandrare’s wonderful tents combine authentic bush flair with the comfort of a high class accommodation. The stunning view over the tranquil waters of the Mandrare River makes them the perfect place to end the evening in a cozy atmosphere.

The camp’s seclusion provides access to the spiny forest far away from hectic and crowded tourist hot-spots. Experience this unique environment up close and immerse yourself in the diversity of Madagascar.

Mandrare River Camp   Spinney Mandrare River Camp   deck 3

Set overlooking the river and a golden sunrise, the fully equipped, bespoke tents allow you to relax, sleep well and invigorate your soul.

Four en-suite tents and one family tent are all located in the sheltering shade of tamarind trees with a breathtaking view over the tranquil waters of the Mandrare River up onto the sacred mountains behind. The artful wooden furniture in each tent is individually hand carved to represent a different local wildlife theme of southeastern Madagascar.

Mandrare River Camp   Tent Mandrare River Camp   Deck

Step inside the door to another culture separated from the rest of the world and enjoy the uniqueness and diversity of this precious region.

All activities at Mandrare River Camp are individually tailored to your needs. Whether you are a passionate early riser and want to start the day early in the morning with bird watching, or instead prefer the local wake at the end of the day, Mandrare’s fantastic team will provide expertise and guidance.

Mandrare River Camp   dunes Mandrare River Camp   baobabs

Relax to a delicious dinner with luxurious foods on the banks of the Mandrare River.

The lovely prepared meals can be served either in the private atmosphere of your own terrace or in the open dining area with a view of the nearby river bank. Enjoy the sounds of the wilderness in the light of the hurricane lamps and let yourself be carried away by this unique atmosphere.

Mandrare River Camp   deck 2 Mandrare River Camp   Pool

If you’re interested in finding out more about this lodge, don’t hesitate to send us an email at Alternatively, make an enquiry and we’ll get back to you, or call us directly on +44 (0) 20 8089 3467.

Toby Pheasant - Founder / Private Guide

7th May 2019
by Toby Pheasant

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