The African continent is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world.

Through years of experience, we have developed an exceptional knowledge of safari destinations across Eastern and Southern Africa.

While we are constantly striving to explore new areas, our network currently covers:


This landlocked country in Southern Africa offers the most exclusive safaris on the continent.

Discover Botswana


Kenya, where safari began, is home to some of the best National Parks for game viewing on the continent.

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Brimming with endemic species, this vast country is a dream destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Discover Madagascar


This vast, barren country on the western coast of Southern Africa offers otherworldly landscapes and desert adapted wildlife found nowhere else in the world.

Discover Namibia


This small, landlocked country dominated by tropical rainforest is most notable for its mountain gorillas in the northern Volcanoes National Park.

Discover Rwanda

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse countries on the continent. With an exceptional variety of climate, landscapes and culture, it’s often described as ‘the whole world in a single country’.

Discover South Africa


With world class lodges, stunning beaches and some of the best safari on the continent, Tanzania has something for everybody.

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Uganda is quickly becoming Africa's top destination for adventure tourism

Discover Uganda


Offering a raw and untamed African experience, Zambia is a top destination for the safari connoisseur

Discover Zambia


Setting a new benchmark for African safari, Zimbabwe offers a whole host of options 'beyond the vehicle'

Discover Zimbabwe


Africa is home to an incredibly diverse range of beach destinations. From barefoot Indian Ocean paradise to 5-star family resorts, we can help you decide on where to unwind.

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A honeymoon is an opportunity to have the trip of a lifetime; Africa offers exactly that. Romance, adventure and relaxation, the perfect combination for everlasting memories.

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Honeymoon in Africa

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