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Zambia remains one of the most uncommercial safari destinations in Africa, with the highest proportion of smaller family-run lodges. Famous for its walking and night safaris, this landlocked country is quickly becoming the top destination for the safari purist.

Zambia’s most famous safari destinations are located in the Luangwa Valley, across the Lower Zambezi and in the Kafue river in the west. Visiting the country also offers an opportunity to see Africa’s most famous attraction, the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

Africa Untamed

The ever popular night safari gives visitors the opportunity to see leopards and other big cats on the hunt, as well as some of the more elusive nocturnal animals such as pangolin and porcupine.

Quickly becoming known as Africa’s most exciting safari destination, Zambia appeals to the more adventurous traveller. The walking safaris offered by many lodges often include approaching potentially dangerous animals such as lions and elephants.

When to go

The dry season in Zambia is between June and October. Towards the end of the season is generally considered to be the best time for game viewing as the majority of animals converge around what little water remains.

The Green Season, between November and May, is when showers are possible. The savannah is lush and green with lots of baby animals. Visitor numbers are traditionally low during this season, as are prices. While some camps are closed during the off-season, Victoria Falls is at its most powerful.

Practical Information

Time Zone: UTC +2

Currency: Zambian Kwacha (ZMK)

Visa: The majority of nationalities require a visa to enter Zambia

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