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Namibia is a unique African destination. This extremely sparse country has the third lowest population density in the world - largely thanks to the vast Namib desert. No other country in Southern or Eastern Africa can boast scenery as extreme as Namibia. From the world’s tallest sand dunes to 550m deep canyons, a holiday here is as visually striking as they come.

Namibia’s well maintained and safe roads make it a fantastic destination for self-driving holidays. Additionally, given it is virtually malaria free and has an agreeable climate, it is a somewhat surprisingly good destination for adventurous holidays with children. What’s more, it is considerably more economical in comparison to many other Southern African destinations.

Desert Adapted

Given Namibia’s barren, desert landscape, wildlife has had to adapt in order to survive. The smaller number of grazing animals means the predators are few and far between. As such, Namibia isn’t really suited to a first safari. That said, during the summer months game is highly concentrated around watering holes in the Etosha National Park and viewings can be outstanding.

Highlights of any trip to Namibia include seeing desert elephants and black rhinos roam through the arid landscape of Central Damaraland, admiring the immensity of the dunes in Sossusvlei and floating past hippos down the Chobe river on the Caprivi strip.

When to Go

Namibia’s climate varies across the country. For the best game viewing in Etosha National Park, we would recommend visiting during the dry season between June and October.

November to February is the best time to see flamingos gather at lagoons in eastern Swakopmund. It’s also a great time to visit the Caprivi strip in the north.

Southern Namibia has a much more stable climate and receives very little rain throughout the year. When a rare downpour does start during summer between January to March, the thin, baked soil can be prone to flood making roads impassable.

Practical Information

Time Zone: UTC +2

Currency: Namibian Dollar (NAD). South African Rand (ZAR) also accepted

Visa: The majority of nationalities do not require a visa to enter Namibia.

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